Frequently asked questions

What is the total capacity of the Grand Ballroom?

There are provided 2 options for the guests seating in the main concert hall: banquet seating chart for 1000 persons and buffet reception for up to 2000 persons.
Events of concert format are designed for the audience of up to 2000 persons.

Is it possible to hold a concert of any star on the stage of the Grand Ballroom?

Yes, it certainly is. Due to huge stage and hall furnished with the cutting edge audio, vide and lighting equipment made by the Austrian company KRAFTWERK Living Technologies, the concert might be one of the most unforgettable events!

Did any famous persons/ singers/ bands appeared on the stage of the Grand Ballroom?

In May 2013 Ani Lorak performed on the stage of the Grand Ballroom with the concert program (Hold me). As well as Timur Rodriguez, Soso Pavliashvili, Aleksandr Serov, Lev Leschenko, Alexandra Stan, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Valery Meladze, Turetsky Choir, Nastya Kamenskih, Slava and all kazakhstan’s stars!

Is it possible to hold not only wedding ceremonies/ birthday celebrations but also business meetings and conferences?

It is even necessary. Grand Ballroom is equipped with the simultaneous interpretation manufactured by the BOSCH company for the audience of up to 450 persons, so You can easily arrange a training workshop, conference, and etc. The staff will assist You in selection of suitable furniture placement depending on the type of event You are going to carry out. There are also 3 VIP rooms available for You (detailed information You can find in the website) where You can arrange a business meeting with Your partners in luxurious environment and at the highest level.

Who will help with the wine selection in the Wine Gallery wine room?

There is a professional sommelier at Your service who will prompt and help You to select an ideal wine harmoniously matching the ordered course.