Grand Ballroom

Grand Ballroom – Grand Ballroom is one of a kind designed in luxurious and rich classic style. We are distinguished by subtle decor represented by the fascinating chandelier made of pure crystal, balcony, ceiling and wall decoration covered with noble gold leaves; collection of paintings of talented artists of Kazakhstan. Grand Ballroom is ideal for holding festivities of any format – from stylish wedding banquets to grand fashion shows, concerts and even theatrical performances. Rich décor alongside with cutting edge sound and lighting equipment will make Your event the most significant in the high life of Almaty. The VIP seats are provided for special guests on the second floor, the presidential box is located here as well. Special attention should be paid to the Grand Ballroom hall’s lobby. It suits harmoniously for the cordial welcome drink, in brief it is ideal for the entire informal part of the event. The lobby is equipped with a huge LED display (size 8х8m). The lobby is also furnished with the cloakroom for up to 2000 people..

The Grand Ballroom stage is a pride of our banquet complex. It can be easily transformed into the fashion runway, staging for presentations and awarding – the stage allows to make event of any format depending on the client’s desire possible. The stage is equipped with a personal elevator for artists and presenters allowing to get to the makeup rooms without any effort and wasting time.

Special attention should be paid to the main screen mounted deep in the Grand Ballroom stage. Unique character of this display is that it can be moved frontward to the centre of the stage in 2 equal parts; such functions allow to turn Your event into an exciting modern show!

There is no second one banquet hall throughout Kazakhstan to be equal with the Grand Ballroom in terms of scale and technical equipment!


Total area – 3000 sq.m


Banquet – up to 1000 guests

Buffet – up to 2000 guests


Length – 13m

Width – 13m

Stage screen – height 6m, length 12m.

2 additional LED displays – height 2m, length 3m.

4 additional LED displays – height 3m, length 4m.


Technical details one can download from here


Weddings and Celebrations

Jubilees and Birthdays

Meetings and Conferences

Banquets and Concert

Fashion shows and Presentations